A New Council Face on Facebook

TVBC Facebook page

The Council has launched its corporate Facebook page. The page will open up another route for people to read the latest news and information from the Council, check out events across the borough and contact the authority about its services. The use of social media widens the reach of news and information to new audiences who might otherwise be excluded. The Council, like most other organisations, is seeing a steady increase in people opting to get information from on-line sources, with 20 per cent accessing our website via smartphones and tablets. The Facebook page can be found at http://www.facebook.com/TestValleyBC

To accompany the continuing shift into modern media, the Council is also adopting a more contemporary identity to clearly badge its communications channels. The previous look was due for a refresh having served the Council for some 25 years. The revised identity better reflects a more modern approach to communications and the need to appeal to a wider audience. The identity has not involved the Council in expense on designers and consultants because it was all designed in-house.

The design is attached to the bulletin email as a separate document and will be added to social media, on-line channels and e-mailed documents imminently. It will be rolled out over time within existing budgets as print and display material needs updating.

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