Test Way to get its missing link

Construction of a safe, shared pedestrian and cycleway to link up the Test Way at Stockbridge has got the green light thanks to Sustrans funding and some quick work from Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.

The scheme, along the A3057/A30 verge in Stockbridge formed part of the Test Valley Access Plan and Cycle Strategy and Network. A lack of funding meant the plans were on hold but now Sustrans, the charity that enables people to walk, cycle and use public transport for more everyday journeys, has confirmed that they will allocate funding to the scheme.

The Sustrans funding will come through the Big Lottery fund which works towards creating more National Cycle Network routes to link communities to local shops, schools and other amenities, in this instance the off-road sections of the Test Way at Stockbridge. The provision of funding was originally subject to the money being spent this financial year so Test Valley Borough Council, in conjunction with Hampshire County Council, moved quickly to secure the completion of the route which is part of the National Cycle Network (NCN246) as well as a long distance footpath. The design for the scheme has been completed and construction work will commence during the week of 6 February and is expected to take around 14 weeks.

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