Hampshire ready for winter

With salt barns across the county full, thousands of community salt bins in place, 100 farmers ready to be fitted with snow ploughs and salting routes checked and revised, the County Council is ready to keep Hampshire moving throughout the winter.

New salt barn

A new salt barn at Micheldever has increased salt stocks by an extra 4,000
tonnes. This means that Hampshire now has enough salt for more than 15 days
continuous round-the-clock salting of the main road network without needing to replenish supplies.

2000 new salt bins

Over 2,000 new salt bins have been delivered at the request of parish councils and community groups during the past year to make sure people will be able to help their own communities in times of severe weather. The new blue bins have a capacity of 750kg, larger than the traditional yellow bins. Anyone can use the salt or grit to put on public roads or pavements. This can be particularly
useful for example, to ‘join up’ salting from the main road when it has been
salted by County Council salting vehicles to smaller access roads, or on the
pavements to the local shops. The salt and grit in the community bins is for
use only in the community – on public paths, pavements and roads and not for
private use on driveways or garden paths.

Roads salted on a priority basis

Hampshire’s winter maintenance teams treat roads on a priority basis – ‘Priority one’ routes carry 85% of the total traffic in Hampshire and include A roads, major bus routes, and roads to major emergency services. During periods of prolonged severe weather, ‘Priority two’ and ‘Community’ routes are treated. Priority two routes include B roads and single accesses to villages, and ‘community routes’ ensure roads to smaller schools, GPs surgeries and areas of community activity are covered.

A number of factors are considered when deciding when to salt the roads. In
addition to a specially provided local weather forecast, this includes the
Icelert system which consists of a number of roadside sensors which check
conditions such as air and road surface temperature, wind speed and direction,
rainfall, ice formation and the salinity of the road surface.

can check which roads are on which priority routes using a map or postcode at: winter maintenance.

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